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Network Security Infrastructure :

Networking plays a major role in any infrastructure. If the networking infrastructure is not available, then all backend applications is not avbl. for the organisation. Also network being the medium for all users to reach the computing infrastructure, it is important to consider the Security factors – this will ensure minimal threat to the Computing infrastructure.

Local Area Network (LAN):

Understanding the application needs

Understanding the office layout for the LAN cabling/ Wireless LAN & arriving at the optimal cabling/ Wireless planning approach.

Working closely with the Architect for the planning of Data Center + astetics aspects of work area Understanding the factors that would enable us recommend the appropriate layer capability of switches/ Wireless plan

                 L2 or L3
                 Access point feature/ Hot spot planning

Define the roadmap for the future – considering certain future desired needs

Options for ‘Network Management'

LAN analysis


Wide Area Network (WAN)

Understanding the application needs

            •  Bandwidth needs
            •  Connectivity type
            •  Load Balancing / Availability needs
            •  Architecture recommended 
            •  Security Aspects

Understand the key reason for interconnecting the various offices

Plan the medium for connectivity

            •  Internet
            •  Private Leased Line/ Radio/ VSAT/ etc.   
            •  Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Service Providers

Analyse the Remote/ Mobile Access requirement

            •  Security/ Encryption/ etc.

Define Access Lists for networks/ ports post discussions with internal team

Study the need for products like

            •  Firewall
            •  IDS

WAN analysis

            •  Performance
            •  Security (spurious traffic, etc.)

WAN Acceleration Solution

Bandwidth Shaping solutions

            •  To ensure Quality of Service at application/ protocol level

Perimeter Security Analysis

            •  Vulnerability Analysis / Recommendation & Implementation
            •  Security Audit

Application level Security Analysis + overall Enterprise Security Analysis

Data & Voice Integration solutions

           •  Integrating Voice on Data Networks
           •  Telephony over Internet

Enterprise Management Solutions :
The IT infrastructure is no longer single platform environment with few entities. The infrastructure is ever growing & is disparate/ hetrogenous. It is a mamoth task in many environments to manage infrastructure efficiently.
Server Management :

Most Server environments are getting to be a 24 * 7 * 365 kind of operation. It is becoming imperative that the management is proactive – the problem needs to be known in advance or atleast it needs to be known when it occurs & also there is a need to have a Self-healing (rule based) approach.

Desktop Management :

When it comes to Desktop – there is an increasing need for standardisation, patch updates, software distribution, Asset information/ control, Anti-piracy control, License Management, etc. Getting this done manually is a huge task & also time consuming – adding to all this is the Availability Window for the activity.

Network Management :

Most organisations have multiple branches, has connection to Internet, Extranets with Customers/ Suppliers. It is an Network WEB which is Complex & difficult to manage.
It is becoming the need for most customers to have a centralised view of the network & get proactive alerts on the Link status, etc. Also managing the configurations of the devices from a single console is becoming important. The data collected enables appropriate analysis, etc.
Security Management :
Security is a key concern for most organisations – the concern is not only external threats, but also internal.
Security devices like Firewall, IDS's need to be in Control of the Security Manager. As organisations grow in terms of locations, no. of links, etc. – managing the security devices individually is becoming very difficult.

Most customers need to have a centralise Control Station for all the Security Devices. This enables them to have a control on the configuration, access list definition, patch/ signature updates, etc.

Identity Management :
Organisations are growing, becoming competitive. People resources are being added, removed. It is becoming very important that the entitlements are defined for the various users & resources beyond the entitlement are not avbl. for access.
When a User joins an organisation – it should become very seemless for the user. Upon a single login – the user should get access to all applications he is required to use. Also the organisation recognises the user & provisioning happens as defined. The user may be recognised thru various technologies spanning from a simple user login/ password to SMART cards based Identity systems.

When a User leaves an organisation – it is very important that the access to the various applications, mail, etc. are removed immediately upon departure of the user. The need is that the user be disabled in one application, resulting in disablement of access to various other applications.

Various other solutions like Anti-virus management, Patch management, Quality of Service, etc. forms part of this solution offering. If you are interested, we can make available more information.
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