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Security Consulting
Today businesses depend on IT for decision making & planning strategies. The information is made available using the Data that is available within the IT infrastructure. This data is a source of input for competitor to plan their business model; hence there is always a risk of data being hijacked by using Electronic means/ people. Also considering that a lot of businesses happen over the Web [viz. Credit Card based purchases/ Bank Account access/ Payment Transfers/ Ordering over Web/ etc.] there is always possibility of somebody misusing the data.

To overcome the concerns, it is imperative that a Strong IT Security is in place to minimize the risk.

Our consulting engagement broadly comprises of:-

Requirement Assessment, a process of understanding the existing infrastructure and assessing your current and long-term requirements from the Security perspective. This phase helps in broadly deciding the security architecture.

Carry out a Penetration Check exercise to get the first cut view on the vulnerabilities existing.

Carry out a Security Audit (jointly with a Security Audit firm) to identify the Risks associated with Network/ Server computing platforms/ Operating Systems/ etc.

Design and Planning the architecture - provide invaluable advice on product, technology, strategy, development of Security Policy

Solution Implementation

Help building an internal Security Organization

Training, a phase of knowledge transfer.


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